1. Responsibility in Transnational Audits

    Knives out for auditors as class actions go global” titled Reuters in Summer 2013. Responsibility in transnational audits was a blind spot for decades. In the wake of the World Economic Crisis, investors start to question the responsibilities of the big international networks. The work group tries to explore ways and means for an international arbitrary court which could regulate these questions. Contact: Mr. Antanas Siupenius, Chartered Accountant

  2. Fighting the Process of Financial Fragmentation in NPOs

    Internationally operating NPOs know the problem: Every donor has its own “capricious” financial requirements. Every donor requires his reporting format, his way of accounting of transactions in foreign currencies, and his personal audit. The result is an ever growing fragmentation in the executing NPOs. The side effects are tremendous: Increasing administrative costs and a loss in overview for the local management. The work group tries to find ways out. Please contact: Mr. Frank Fabel CPA,