Become an Ambassador

  • Being an Empacta ® Ambassador you will benefit from the following advantages.
  • You will have a very lively and professional exchange with other auditors and accountants.
  • You come into contact with internationally known accounting scholars and academics.
  • You can apply to our Ethical Council (in case of conflicts etc.).
  • You can present yourself on the Empacta ® website - you have a presentation for yourself.
  • You have access to the login area of our website, opening to you the Association’s archive, our resource centre, tender documents and all applications to the General Assembly.
  • You receive a discount for events, workshops, seminars or lectures at our own institute, the Flying Accounting University , with the possibility of cost free CPEs. Taking courses at the Flying Accounting University is certified!
  • You take part in joint tenders.
  • You receive an invitation to our General Assembly, including visa service & touristic program.
  • There is the possibility of cross-cultural internships: You can send your employees or partners to other Empacta ® members, so they can feel the spirit of the international business world. The Empacta ® family will take care of them!
  • You have the possibility to submit research papers – we will bring you into contacts with journals where your article could be published.
  • You have the possibility to read lectures at the . You can show your knowledge to a wider audience. This is an excellent tool to advertise your services!
  • Only Empacta ® members and Empacta ® Ambassadors are permitted to invest into Empacta ® International Ltd., UK and participate in the growing value of the brand.
  • You can earn our internal currency, the Empacta ® Thaler (ETH), by providing voluntary services for the association. You can use this internal for small favours with other members or ambassadors.

The Board will decide on your application at the next regular Board meeting, which take place monthly.