7 Reasons to Become a Member

  1. By joining EMPACTA you join an international audit network. This increases your chances to work for internationally operating clients.
  2. EMPACTA has a profile that emphasizes the communicative aspects of auditing,. This profile is well appreciated by many clients and helps you to distinguish your services from those of your competitors.
  3. EMPACTA will apply for international tenders. Your firm can participate in these tenders.
  4. EMPACTA members are invited to an annual conference. The conference gives you the possibility of professional exchange with auditors from many other countries.
  5. EMPACTA will create a webpage for your firm and country under the domain www.empacta.org. This enhances the reputation and visibility of your firm.
  6. EMPACTA will offer professional education for partner firms. You have access to the EMPACTA google+ network for professional exchange. This will improve the quality of your services.
  7. EMPACTA is a new audit network with transparent and democratic structures. You can make the interesting and exciting experience to participate in the development of an international network.